2020-2021 Initiatives

Initiative 1:  Diversity, Equity, Inclusiveness

Goal:  To Partner with a non-partisan organization in the local community that promotes diversity, equity, and inclusiveness.

Outcome:  Identify and work with one non-partisan organization to promote diversity, equity, and inclusiveness

Initiative 2:  VOTE411

Goal 1:  To promote and educate voters on VOTE411.org

Goal 2:   To encourage high school and college students to participate in VOTE411.org activities


  •  Write two letters to the editor promoting VOTE411.org, one letter written for candidates and one letter written for general voting public
  • To engage two students in VOTE411.org activities by April 2021

Initiative 3:  Census 2020

Goal:  To promote Census 2020

Outcome:  Post census information on local website and Facebook page to encourage census self-reporting before August 31.